• Diversity Committee Logo

    The district’s goal to graduate confident, critical thinkers, productive and creative lifelong learners, and socially responsible, engaged citizens would be impossible to fulfill without a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2020, the district established the Plymouth Public Schools Diversity Committee to identify focus areas of equitable change and to actively work towards our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Plymouth Public Schools is committed to creating an inclusive and unbiased community in which all individuals are free to engage, learn, and succeed as their authentic selves in an atmosphere of mutual respect and civility, regardless of race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, religion, or any other aspect of their identity. 


    Many hands together The mission of the Plymouth Public Schools Diversity Committee (PDC) is to promote and celebrate diversity as it cultivates and inspires policies and practices that support the Plymouth educational community with the language and tools to implement the school district’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. By acknowledging and understanding the impact of history on social interactions, the committee develops conscious practices to create an institutional climate that fosters respect and empathy for all stakeholders of the Plymouth Public Schools as equals. 

    Focus Areas for Equitable Change

    1. Education: Focused on activities related to promoting and sharing information regarding diversity in the Plymouth community.
    2. Hiring/Retention: Responsible for creating and maintaining a diverse staff, which reflects the diversity of the student population.
    3. Curriculum: Responsible for reviewing curriculum, creating an inclusive curriculum, and creating supportive classroom environments.
    4. Health Equity: Focused on supporting equitable health outcomes in the Plymouth community.

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