Welcome to Manomet Elementary School

  • Welcome to Manomet Elementary School! Originally built in 1952, Manomet Elementary School has undergone major renovations/expansions in both the 1960s and 1990s. We presently have a student population of approximately 265, as well as a staff of 42.

    We are very proud of so many things about our school community, and here are just a few that make our school a special place for children to learn and grow.

    As a staff, we continue to work toward the refinement of our approach to meeting learners where they are as individuals. A major thrust of these efforts is through our professional development and practice of implementing both readers’ and writers’ workshop models in all of our classrooms, as well as a rapidly expanding number of classrooms in which math workshop is in place. These efforts allow teachers to look at their students on a far more personal level and provide them guidance in either a small group or on an individual basis, helping each of them to achieve their “personal best” each day.

    One extremely important goal for us at Manomet School is to foster a love and appreciation for The Arts in our students by providing them with lots of experience in doing them and celebrating them. Visual Arts consistently adorn the hallways. In addition to the Visual Arts Fair that takes place each spring, special exhibits of student work are also highlighted at our Annual International Night, as well as during the Town-wide Arts Festival. Each fall, students in grades four and five have the opportunity to enroll in an after-school theater workshop experience that culminates with live performances in front of packed audiences. A similar theater workshop has also been instituted in the spring for students in grade three. Our instrumental and choral programs continue to be a great source of pride for us, as students practice throughout the year, and then perform for live audiences several times each year. Cultural Arts assemblies expose students in all grade levels to areas of The Arts that might otherwise go unnoticed, such as the craft of making and performing with marionettes, or performing traditional storytelling.

    The partnership that we have between staff and home such a critical component of all that we do. In difficult budgetary times, the Manomet Home and School Association (MHSA) has made it possible for us to enrich programming for students in ways that would have otherwise been unrealistic. High participation rates for parent-teacher conferences and open-houses send a clear signal of how parents/guardians throughout our school community value our partnership.  

    But most importantly, our students make it all happen at Manomet School. It is their gifts, talents, and energy that make all of our hard work seem worthwhile. What they are capable of doing never ceases to amaze and impress us on a daily basis!

Manomet Elementary School Welcome Sign
Manomet Elementary School Welcome Sign