English Learner Education (ELE) Program

  • The Plymouth Public School District is fortunate to have English Learners (ELs) from many different countries, speaking multiple languages. ELs are provided instruction by licensed ESL teachers. They are also provided with Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) in their general education classes by licensed content teachers who are SEI endorsed. The Plymouth Public Schools English Language Education (ELE) program provides support services to students whose primary language is not English and who are not yet proficient in English. The program is focused on students’ English language acquisition, literacy development, and academic achievement. In addition to academic language, students are constantly exposed to social language in all school contexts.

    Our district offers a Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) model for English language learners (ELLs). This means that ELLs participate in general education classrooms with modified instructional strategies, assessment, and materials to help them access the curriculum. In addition, ELLs attend English as a Second Language (ESL) classes where they receive direct English language instruction tailored to their specific proficiency level. Using research-based practices, experienced ESL teachers work with these students to develop the four skill areas of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students participate in ESL classes to strengthen academic vocabulary across the content areas, access or build background knowledge, read for comprehension, and write for different purposes. This "language-in-content" approach is essential to the academic program of each student, regardless of his/her English proficiency level or amount of time in the U.S., since ELLs are required to take part in state content tests along with their native English peers.

    In Plymouth, the English Language Education (ELE) Program includes five ESL elementary schools (Cold Spring, Federal Furnace, Hedge, Nathaniel Morton and West), one ESL middle school (PCIS) and one ESL high school (PNHS).

    GRADES               ESL SCHOOL                                                ESL TEACHER(S)

    K-5                 Cold Spring Elementary School                         Michelle Lombard and Lauren Comfort

    K-5                 Federal Furnace Elementary School                 Meghan McCarthy

    K-5                 Hedge Elementary School                                 Nicole Gagne and Olga Myslivcova Abboud

    K-5                 Nathaniel Morton Elementary School                Lynn Walker and Lauren Comfort

    K-5                 West Elementary School                                    Meghan McCarthy

    6-8                 Plymouth Community Intermediate School         Elisa Burek and Meghan McCarty

    9-12               Plymouth North High School                               Matthew Carpenito and Linda Goggin

    New Plymouth Public School students districted for non-ESL schools who are identified as ELs should be referred to Matthew Carpenito, ELE Department Head (508-224-5075 or mcarpenito@plymouth.k12.ma.us). Plymouth Public Schools will determine the ESL school placement option (based on the proximity of ESL school to home and EL enrollment numbers). Transportation will be provided. The family will also be given the option for the student to enroll in their home-district school without ESL services.

Resources for ELs

  • Translation and Interpretation

  • RETELL/SEI Endorsement

  • WIDA

  • Forms

  • Additional ELL Information and Resources