Message from the Coordinator

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    The arts have been a part of life from the very beginning.  They have always and continue to describe, define, and deepen the human experience.  At the same time the creative economy is the third largest economy in the state of Massachusetts.  The arts have a great significance as culture in our society as well as being an economic engine.  Arts education is a right for all children in American public schools. Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts have been recognized as core subjects by the state of Massachusetts and Federal legislation.  A strong arts program also plays a critical role in developing the 21st century skills of:  creative problem solving, reflecting, exploring, collaboration, and critical thinking.  The arts teach and understand that there are multiple solutions to a problem!

    The Plymouth Public Schools employs full-time, certified and highly qualified music and visual arts teachers in all schools.  I am pleased to support and lead these teachers as they provide a curriculum that is sequential, comprehensive, and integrated with other core subjects and everyday life.  Our mission is to: 

    Meet individual student needs (from the beginner to the artistically and musically talented student)
    Include world music and art throughout history to introduce our students to our pluralistic society and world cultures
    Provide a student forum for expression of ideas and aesthetic reflection
    Provide a safe environment for creative exploration, practice and refinement of artistic skills, and emerging collaboration and leadership; and
    Facilitate authentic performance and exhibition experiences for all students. 
    Please consider joining us in supporting the arts in our schools; contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.  In order to have a vibrant Unified Arts Education in Plymouth we need to work with all stakeholders; students, teachers, parents, and the greater community. 

    Mike Caple
    Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator
    Plymouth Public Schools