In-Town Out-of-District Placement Requests


    Policy 9.20 - In-Town-Out-of-District School Placement (REVISED 9-14-2021)

    Plymouth Public Schools will no longer be accepting new “in-town/out-of-district” applications unless a student or his/her family meets one or more of the following criteria:    

    1. Student/Family moves out of their districted school boundary but remains within the town of Plymouth students may have the ability to finish the school year at their current school.
    2. When parents are divorced and live in different districted areas of Plymouth.
    3. Homelessness (see policy 9.3).
    4. Students of Plymouth Public Schools staff, when the staff member resides in Plymouth.
    5. Students who have an older sibling who has previously participated and has been accepted to an "out-of-district school.
    6. Out of District Students who are, transitioning from Elementary to Middle School can continue to apply for “Out-of-District” placement, as this is not considered a new application.
    7. For students who meet the above criteria parents are required to complete an in-district transfer form no later than May 1 when it is practicable to do so.
    8. All applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.
    9. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) unless the student is deemed “homeless” under the McKinney-Vento law (see policy 9.3).
    10. Applications must be submitted annually and are subject to space, and staffing at the receiving school.
    11. Applications must be signed by the sending and receiving principals and the Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Instruction.

    Transfer Requests for High School Students

    High School students are required to attend their district school unless they are officially accepted into a career and vocational-technical education program and/or recommended by a Special Education Team. Students accepted into a career and vocational-technical education program, which resides in both high schools, must attend their district school. 

     In-Town Out-of-District Placement Form (Revised form for FY22 coming soon)