"This Is Me" Arts Education Support

  • The outstanding performance of "This Is Me" by our VPA students at opening day has inspired many across the world. Our students truly value the arts opportunities that are available to them at all of our schools but understand that not all public school students are this fortunate. Our VPA department has put together a recorded, downloadable version of "This Is Me" to raise funds for Mr Holland's Opus Foundation to help give ALL students and ALL schools the power of music education. 
    The track features over 200 students involved in the VPA programs of the Plymouth Public Schools. It was recorded in our very own studios at both PNHS and PSHS. This recording will be available for purchase on iTunes as well as the Google Play Store. All proceeds will go towards Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, an organization that supports public school music programs across the country through the donation of instruments and grants for music education support. 
    Visit Google Play or iTunes to purchase for $0.99! Thank you for supporting the arts.
    View the performance from Opening Day that has reached over 1 million views!